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  • Veronika Bidna

5 tips to prepare for the unexpected on your wedding day

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

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Every bride dreams that her wedding dream will be unique and unforgettable.

Ever since we are little girls we have been fantasizing about our future husband, the wedding, the dress, the flowers, and the shoes.

In short, we imagine the big day as a perfect day, where everyone is happy and enjoying the moment.

Spoiler Alert

Do you know what the problem is? The unexpected.

Life is all about being ready when you are not even close to being ready.

Obviously, you wanna try to do your best to avoid certain situations happening on the most important day in your life. But how can you do that?

Years of planning helped us to make a list of things you should consider that could happen during your wedding day. And trust me if I tell you that you wanna make sure to know how to handle those situations.

Don't get caught yourself unprepared.

Let's begin with the first one.


You've got your budget. Awesome!

You've got your venue, DJ, catering, and the photographer. Fabulous!

Sometimes though couples go over their budget because of unexpected circumstances.

I know you want to stick to your budget but you have to be ready for the unexpected, like the change of weather or any other last-minute changes.

My suggestion is to give yourself a 5% buffer to account for situations like this.

Time Management

When it comes to planning a wedding it's important to plan the entire day so everything goes smoothly.

Sometimes though, something unexpected can happen, like an accident, getting stuck in the traffic, or someone getting sick.

Obviously, you don't want to have problems like that on your wedding day, so you need time to figure the solution out, don't you?

Make sure to manage your time so you have space for the unexpected.

My suggestion is to plan everything by anticipating possible problems before they actually occur.

Having an experienced wedding planner it's definitely helpful to avoid any stress on your wedding day.


Let's say it, you can't bet on the weather especially when planning your wedding destination so long in advance!

Does your venue have an indoor place that could work as a great alternative in case of rain?

If it doesn't you might then consider a few tent rentals that can save you from the rain.

Being prepared in any circumstance it's the only way to make sure everything goes well.


Especially if you are getting married abroad and especially because a lot of your guests might have never traveled before, make sure to arrange their transportation, or at least make sure that everyone knows how to move around and how to get to the ceremony place.

Why would I advise such a thing?

Well, getting endless calls from your guests when you are getting ready for the most important day in your life will drive you crazy. You won't want to be stressed by all these organizational questions.

Our suggestion is whether have someone who will be assisting your guests by addressing them where they have to go or prepare a wedding website with all the details about how and where they can get the transport so they know what they have to do.


Oh, Italy, it's definitely a beautiful country, but let me tell you this: when it comes to bureaucracy there are way too many obstacles you have to deal with.

For example?

I remember a few years ago, a photographer couldn't get into the wedding because he didn't have the permit to get into the specific area of the town where the wedding was getting celebrated.

You might wonder, why did he need the permit?

Sometimes small villages in Italy, on specific days of the week ( mostly on weekends) don't allow access to those villages unless you are a resident or have a permit. How could you know that? You couldn't because you don't live here.

You should contact the local city council and find out which permits are required.

It will fall to the couple, or their wedding planner, to request the necessary permits.

Those are aspects you have to take into serious consideration, otherwise, the risk is to find yourself without a photographer or a florist on the most important day in your life.

I know you might feel a little bit overwhelmed by how many things you have to know in order to plan your destination wedding.

That's why asking for help is the best way to handle it all.


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