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Venues & Villas in Italy

This page is for people who do not have clear ideas, and want to know the prices of villas in Italy.

Villa Balbiano, Villa Balbianello, Villa Erba, Villa Cimbrone etc.

You must know one important thing about villas in Italy. There are specialized villas for Italian spouses and there are specialized villas for international spouses. Imagine having to do a wedding in a villa with non-English speaking staff ?! Yes, I know you haven't thought about it. This is why we are there to guide you.

Villa Carlotta

Our Service

We help couples who do not want the wedding planning service to find the villa of their dreams.


We have a database of over 200 Villas throughout Italy and all their information and prices.


Book a free consultation with our Sales Manager to understand how we can help you?


Do you already have the villa you want in mind and want to know the prices and availability? Request a quote here.

Choose the region

Are you interested in other locations in Italy?

Book a free consultation with one of our Sales Mangers who will give you 30 minutes of free consultation and will select the location for your wedding for you.

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