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  • Veronika Bidna

The 5 most luxurious venues on Amalfi Coast

Updated: Feb 14

One of the first times I visited the Amalfi coast I fell madly in love with it.

You know, Italy is beautiful wherever you go, whether it's the north or the south you will always find something to marvel at for the first time. And that's what happens to me every time I travel and discover new places. I know, I should be used to it, but this country never ceases to amaze me, maybe it's the best part of this job, and it's the one I love the most.

You have to keep in mind one thing, the Amalfi coast is a beautiful place for a destination wedding but logistically speaking very difficult to manage, especially during the summer, where the traffic is endless. I tell you this, because from the organizational point of view we have to consider many variables, which for those who have never married before, it is difficult to imagine and therefore to for

But this is something you don't have to worry about, otherwise what would wedding planners be needed for?

Here is the list of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels on the Amalfi coast.

La Rondinaia - Ravello

It was erected at the beginning of the twentieth century, precisely in 1927, at the behest of Lucylle, who over time became Countess Szecheney, daughter of the English nobleman Ernest William Beckett (Lord Grimthorpe) who was responsible for the construction of Villa Cimbrone with which La Rondinaia used to share tha park once upon a time.

Subsequently, as time passed, Lucylle spun off La Rondinaia from Villa Cimbrone and her house began to live a life of its own: inside it took place cultured discussions, concerts, theater and dance performances to the point of becoming, for all the English who came in Ravello, a real intellectual cenacle.

La Rondinaia is located close to the rocks, at the end of the park, in an enviable position, overlooking the sea, and allows those who live there to enjoy the view directly from its windows, from its balconies and from its terraces.

“Frankly, this framed view is distracting. Is it possible to remain immune to such beauty? " wrote Catherine Fairweather in 2001.

Villa Astor - Sorrento

Overlooking the Bay of Naples, this majestic property rises sheer above the sea on a cliff. With arguably one of the greatest views in the world and a splendor rarely seen, both inside and outside, Villa Astor has quite rightfully been labeled “Paradise”.

In the 1970s, Villa Astor was acquired by a wealthy family, Mariano Pane and his wife, who welcomed many illustrious guests including Princess Margaret, Rudolf Nuriev, Gregory Peck, Sofia Loren, Franco Zeffirelli and Gianni Agnelli.

Today, Villa Astor sets the benchmark for luxury accommodation on Amalfi Coast and has been named as a dream vacation home by many luxury lifestyle and travel publications such as Town & Country, Quintessence, Forbes, Bloomberg and the Telegraph.

Perched on a balcony high above the Amalfi coast, Caruso Belmond Hotel, offers a breathtaking view over the Amalfi Coast.

The Hotel Caruso is one of the most prestigious buildings in the city of Ravello, with its frescoed halls and elaborate stone vaults, it was built in the 11th century by the D'Afflitto family, a wealthy Roman family.

Today is one of the most popular places celebrities choose to relax and spend time admiring the breathtaking view from the Belmond Cruso swimming pool

The hotel offers several options to celebrate weddings. Within their intimate surroundings you can plan a romantic reception in their lush gardens or by their infinity pool.

Palazzo Avino - Ravello

Palazzo Avino is a 12th century Italian villa tucked away in the hill top village of Ravello perched high on the cliffs, 350 meters above the sparkling Mediterranean and overlooking some of the coast's most picturesque fishing villages.

Originally, the home of the wealthy Sasso family, Palazzo Avino has strong historic connections with artists, music lovers and celebrities alike. As a fashionable society hotel of the 1950's, it entertained such luminaries as Ingrid Bergmann and Roberto Rossellini. Just as Palazzo Avino opened its doors again as a new hotel in late 1997, it has gained a high reputation for its friendly and extraordinary service by our staff, and the attention to details.

Hotel Villa Cimbrone is today one of the most prestigious Hotel de Charme in the whole Mediterranean.

Throughout its history, Villa Cimbrone has been the call and refuge of famous politicians and the aristocracy and a source of inspiration for many artists, becoming the meeting point for the British on the Amalfi Coast.

The halls of the Villa have returned to shine with the frescoed vaults and precious paintings and antiques. Each element is characterized by a particular allure and by unmistakable chromatic nuances.

If you are considering getting married on Amalfi Coast and want to learn more about pricing and know whether those villas might fit in your budget or not, leave us your contact and we will reach out to you the soonest.


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