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  • Veronika Bidna

The 5 most beautiful locations on Amalfi Coast for your wedding

Updated: Feb 14

Amalfi Coast is often chosen as a wedding destination by many couples, from all over the world, who are planning to get married in Italy.

I am not surprised at all, honestly, if I wasn't Italian I would definitely choose this beautiful paradise to celebrate my wedding.

Amalfi Coast is the land of lemons, breathtaking sunsets with astonishing panoramas, terraces hanging between the sea and the sky, and last but not least, the best food in the world.

Aren't you picturing your perfect wedding day? Because I am.

Campania coastline offers unique locations not only for the wedding ceremony but also for symbolic rituals that can be celebrated on-site.

From luxury hotels to intimate restaurants and elegant private villas with beautiful gardens, here you can find a variety of beautiful venues where you can celebrate your special day.

I prepared a list of 5 locations on the Amalfi Coast where you can find the perfect venue for your perfect wedding.

Here are some of our favorite locations.

Sorrento is a beautiful and culturally rich town, it's a perfect place for a wedding destination. Its southern Italian charm and breathtaking panoramas will make you feel like you are living a dream, your wedding dream.

It offers different venues, from the luxury ones to something more intimate and simple.

Situated between Sorrento and Salerno, its unique setting, between sea and terraced lemon groves, will never cease to seduce your imagination.

Amalfi is certainly one of the most loved locations for a wedding destination in Italy among those who are looking for something unique and breathtaking.

Positano it's the cost's most striking and enchanting town. Dangling off the edge of a cliff, this little village amazes everyone with its ravishing views and sweet dolce vita atmosphere.

Its atmosphere will make you want to stay in that little paradise forever.

Of all the wonderful towns and villages along the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is the most cultured, refined, and romantic town on the Amalfi Coast.

Ravello is an oasis of calm and beauty, art, and marvelous gardens.

Praiano is one of the most suggestive locations on the Amalfi Coast. Over years this picturesque village has managed to keep its personality intact, without being overwhelmed by tourism, this little village it's perfect for an exclusive wedding.

Are you planning to celebrate your wedding on Amalfi Coast?

We plan weddings all over Italy, from the north to the south.

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