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Lake Como: things to do before and after your wedding

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Lake Como wedding celebration

If you are planning your wedding in Italy one of the things you should make sure of is that everyone is going to enjoy celebrating your wedding day.

What do I mean?

Well, let's assume, everyone is taking time off from their jobs, paying a lot of money to fly to Italy, hotel, food, transportations and so on.. and after all of that, they didn't even enjoy it. What a situation. Ans trust me, you wouldn't want that to happen to you.

Lake Como offers so many different activities you can enjoy with your guests before the wedding day and after, that you can't even imagine. With this guide, my mission is to make you think about all the possibilities you have around Lake Como and make the best of it.

1- Take a boat trip

Taxi Boat Como Lake wedding

Take a trip from Varenna to various attractions on Lake Como.

Lake Como is quite big, you can decide between taking the longest trip or the shortest one, which lasts approximately half an hour.

The boatman will also give you some suggestions about where you can stop and have lunch or dinner on the lake.

2- A day trip to Bellagio

A day trip to Bellagio

Bellagio is certainly one of the places you should visit if you happen to be visiting around the Lake Como area.

A boat trip will easily allow you to access this beautiful town in the middle of Lake Como.

Take a walk around its narrow alleys, breathe the dolce far niente atmosphere, enjoy the Italian coffee, and have the best ice cream in the world.

What else do you want from life?

3- Visit historic villas

Villa Balbianello Lake Como wedding

Lake Como is a paradise for those who love gardens and magnificent historic residences.

If you come to Lake Como between mid-March and mid-November you will be able to visit Villa Balbianello, Villa Melzi, Villa Monastero, and many other historic residences overlooking the lake.

4-Relax on the beach

Relax on Como Lake beach

If you are visiting Lake Como don't miss the chance to see the beautiful beaches on its shores. Beaches on Lake Como are the perfect solution during the hot summer in Italy, some give you even the opportunity to go sailing and windsurfing.

You can find beaches everywhere, but if you are looking for the cleanest ones I would suggest you head towards the central and northern parts of the Lake.

5- Take a Lake Como Food Tour

Food Tour around Lake Como

It's no secret anymore, Italy has got the best food in the world and if you and your guests are visiting Lake Como you should definitely do a Food Tour around.

How does a Food Tour look like?

Accompanied by a local expert, you can discover the restaurants/eateries in the most hidden places frequented only by locals.

6- Take a private cooking class

Cooking class in Lake Como

If you enjoy more cooking than eating, which I don't this it's possible, you will definitely enjoy cooking classes led by an expert Italian home cook.

You will have the chance to learn the secrets of the most iconic Como dishes and taste the fruit of your labor for lunch or dinner accompanied by delicious homemade wine.

7- Hiking

Hiking on Lake Como

Don't miss the chance to take a hike to the summit of Lake Como's scenic and wild mountains.

The view is one of the most beautiful views in northern Italy.

Here you can find a few of our favorites:

If you are planning to celebrate your wedding in Italy and you need help in choosing the right location for you don't hesitate to contact us.

Or get you a free consultation with our Sales Manager.

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