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Crafting a Preliminary Budget for Your Dream Destination Wedding in Italy

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Navigating Your Dream Destination Wedding Budget

Planning a destination wedding for 100 guests with an €80,000 budget is an exciting endeavor. However, it's crucial to have a realistic understanding of the costs involved to make your dream wedding a reality. If you aspire to recreate the magic you've seen in Instagram or Pinterest photos, be prepared to allocate at least €800 to €1,000 per person you invite.

But if you're aiming for a truly spectacular and unforgettable experience with top-notch entertainment, brace yourself, as the budget begins to climb.

Keep in mind that typically, the location, venue, and catering will account for approximately 50% to 60% of your total budget. The accommodations for your guests are an additional consideration, and you can decide whether to cover these expenses or have your guests pay for them.

If you opt for a hotel wedding and plan to party into the early hours, you may need to budget for a buyout, which involves booking all the rooms in the hotel. Sometimes, a two-night minimum stay is required. When considering a 5-star hotel, bear in mind that room rates can start at €800 per night, with some rooms costing as much as €5,000 per night.

Other essential suppliers to consider with their respective budget allocations:

  • Venue (Rent + Catering) - 50% of the budget (€40,000)

  • Wedding Planner/Coordinator - 10% of the budget (€8,000 for a one-day wedding)

  • Service/Music (Live music ceremony, DJ + Sax, service, music) - 10% of the budget (€8,000)

  • Decor (ceremony + reception) - 10% of the budget (€8,000)

  • Photographer (Two photographers) - 8% of the budget (€4,800)

  • Videographer (Two videographers + drone) - 5% of the budget (€4,000)

  • Celebrant - 1% of the budget (€800)

  • Makeup and Hair (MUAH) - 1.5% of the budget (€1,200)

With €5,200 left to spend, you have the opportunity to add some special touches to your wedding, such as an open bar, live band, a scenic boat trip for a photo shoot, fireworks, acrobats, or a captivating show.

A crucial tip: Start by selecting your Wedding Planner before choosing the venue. Why? Planning a destination wedding involves many intricate details that first-time couples may not be aware of. While it may seem tempting to contact the venue directly to save money, this can often be a costly mistake. Venues may omit crucial details like the number of chairs available or necessary permits for music. Some venues have exclusive partnerships with specific vendors, limiting your choices and tying you to a single supplier.

In conclusion, planning a destination wedding can be a dream come true, but it's essential to have a realistic grasp of the expenses involved and the expertise of a dedicated Wedding Planner to make it all come together seamlessly.

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