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A swallow's nest in Amalfi Coast - La Rondinaia

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

What a great place for an intimate wedding. Vast spaces, flexibility, 12 beds, a swimming pool, and a breathtaking view.

The most famous celebrities and politicians stayed there and had the chance to admire the beauty and uniqueness of this magic place. We want to tell you about this wonderful location that has bewitched us. The location is located in Ravello on the Amalfi coast, where symbolic civil rites can be celebrated. The venue La Rondinaia has exclusivity with its own catering with multiple possibilities, and the venue manager is very flexible.

One important thing to keep in mind and not give for granted is that you can party until 2/3 in the morning. It is quite an unusual right? Because the villa has a space, which can be used to party. Given that everyone knows that in Ravello music is only allowed until 11:59 p.m. But judge yourself, the photos speak for themselves.

It is recommended to have a 3-day wedding in this place and you must consider a minimum of € 150,000 for 50 guests. If you want a day for 50 people you need at least 60 / 70k € ( which includes the Villa, Catering, Decor, service, Photos, Video, MUAH, Entertainment, Wedding planning or coordination).

If you want more information about the villa, book a consultation with the wedding planner here.

Photos of events in this stunning villa.

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