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  • Lada Damaschin

A Dream Tuscan Wedding That Blew Minds: A New York Love Story

In the killer views of Tuscany, Italy, Villa Petriolo was the epic spot for a wedding we totally rocked planning. This bash wasn't just any party; it was where a Lebanese bride and an Italian groom from the big apple, New York, made it official. Their love story, breaking all borders, rolled out in Italy's dope countryside with a solid 100 folks showing up for a spectacle that was off the charts.

The Digs: All About Luxury and Old-School Cool

Villa Petriolo, with its dope vineyards, old-world charm, and next-level comforts, got locked down just for this massive shindig. Hosting 75 peeps for a couple of nights, this place mixed Tuscan vibes with pure luxe. With three sick restaurants, an infinity pool to die for, and a spa that’s all kinds of chill, guests got a taste of the ultimate Italian getaway.

Mixing Cultures and Epic Party Moments

Kicking things off, we threw a Lebanese BBQ that nodded to the bride's roots. The night lit up with a famed Drum dude from Paris, dropping some serious Dabke beats, adding that unique cultural spin. The party went hard till the early A.M., with everyone getting down to the music, vibing hard, and soaking up the pure joy of the night.

The Dress: Straight-Up Stunning

The bride’s dress, whipped up by the famous Lebanese designer Sara Mrad, was straight fire. It wasn’t just a nod to her heritage—it brought glam and elegance to the forefront, making everyone's jaws drop.

When Luck’s On Your Side

Despite the weather apps calling for rain, we got blessed with clear skies, adding to the day's magic. Plus, when the bride’s first DJ pick from the States bailed last minute, luck didn’t bail on us. We snagged a killer DJ from Brussels, keeping the beats flowing and the party jumping, much to the bride’s delight.

Budget Wins

This dream wedding came in under budget, which is pretty unheard of. It wasn’t just about saving some cash; it showed our mad skills in planning, wheeling and dealing, and rolling with the punches without missing a beat on quality or the experience.

More Than Just a Party

This wedding was a journey of love, blending cultures, and unforgettable moments. From the stunning setting of Villa Petriolo to mixing Lebanese and Italian traditions seamlessly, every piece was on point. As a wedding planner in Italy, pulling off this couple’s dream was an honor, showing that love smashes all boundaries and dreams can be outdone.

Wrapping it up, this wedding didn’t just celebrate two hearts coming together but also spotlighted Tuscany as a top-notch wedding spot. For anyone dreaming of an Italian "I do," this story is your inspo—a bash that exceeded all expectations, leaving memories that’ll stick for a lifetime.

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